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Historical Restoration DT Charleston - 45 Church St., South of Broad - January 2016

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

I owe so much to Mrs. Mary M., who if I had not run into her at Lowe's around the time Charleston experienced terrible flooding and torrential downpours that happened in October of the previous year, I would not have been given the opportunity that quite frankly, fell into my lap - thus a new business involving paint, was born. Ms. Mary's story is just as important, but she deserves her own blog - dedicated to just her.

The M.’s had a neighbor on Church Street, a world renowned recording artist - who needed not only the floors to his beautiful historical mansion restored, he needed a fresh coat of paint on his walls, and the gate to his property repaired as well. His plan? To sell the house. Of course, any changes, and stain had to be researched and selected carefully with final approval by the Historical Society. The house was built in 1769 - the stain itself had to be the right stain for the type of wood used for the floors, and it was not an easy process.

Needless to say, the work started in January 2016. There were many long hours to say the least, some days turned into nights that lasted well into the wee hours of the morning. Do you believe in ghosts? At one point, Genna grew frustrated with whomever it was tampering with her music selection, sometimes cutting off the music altogether. Apparently, contemporary music of the current decade was not a favorite. It makes us laugh when we talk about it. All in all, we were all delighted when the job finally came to an end. Reflecting back, I can honestly say that this job was one for the books, and definitely one that I will always fondly be proud of.



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